Who am I

Favorite tech


  • Church website - Apostrophe CMS based custom built website

  • Apostrophe / TailwindCSS boilerplate

  • Self-documenting Flask API - support for my cookoffchamps project to support local cook-off competitions - in development for the fall cook-off season.

Starting way too many years ago, I first discovered code on a BBC Electron and later on the Tandy TRS80. From there, I graduated to Fortran, Pascal and some COBOL before discovering the joys of the internet.

Since then, I have played with LAMP stack and, more recently, with various Javascript frameworks. The favorite currently is NodeJS, serving either ApostropheCMS or a NuxtJS based project, running against either Mongo or MariaDB. Of course, on a linux server - not so often a bare metal server these days, but Linode VMs are a great way to satisfy the urge to tweak the server environment.

Why? Because it's fun - and in code, there are no boundaries. Especially in open source, you can develop amazing things with untold depths of help available - from copy and paste code to specific help.


  • Exploring on my Harley Davidson

  • Acappella church singing

  • Family

Other interests

  • Staying ahead of the vegetation that constantly tries to overtake the back yard.

  • Learning the Texas art of smoking just about anything.