So how fast IS it?

So now you've optimized your code - just how fast IS it? How many of those precious milliseconds are being lost in database or API calls - and how much are you saving in that great caching solution you just found? NuxtJS has a timing library that can help...

Start by enabling the server timing module in NuxtJS in nuxt.config.js

server: {

// port: config.localport || 443

port: process.env.PORT || 3000, // Default: 3000

host: process.env.HOST || 'localhost', // default: localhost

timing: true


Wrap your external call in the res.timing.start and res.timing.end statements.

const instance = (req, res, next) => {

res.timing.start('header', 'Header pull')

/* Some API or DB call here */




Log the server timing response after your API call

await this.$axios.get(uri)

.then((res) => { console.log('Timing', res.headers['server-timing']))